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The scarf is made of 100% silk 14mm Twill Silk, a kind of extremely soft fabric with excellent air permeability. Printing is performed by digital printing method, one side printing.

There are patterns on the back, with slightly lighter color.

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The design of the silk scarf is inspired by Israeli nature.

According to ancient legends, Mount Megiddo in Israel is the place where the final battle of good and evil takes place, where the angels of light and darkness gather to show all their strength. I believe that the original substance can manifest every time of us, growing beautiful flowers in our hearts, not sharp thorns. The rare beauty of irises, anemones and cyclmen - everything here is captured on delicate silk. Surround yourself with beauty while you are here, protect peace and joy in it.

This wonderful accessory will emphasize your style, bring romance and bright colors.


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100% Twill Silk Square Scarf

Floral Printed

Inspired Designer

Floral Scarf for Hair Neck

Luxury Gift for Her

gift packed

Floral scarf handpainted. Luxury gift women

Wedding shawl Birthday gifts for her


Size 34.3" x 34.3" / 87 x 87 cm

Hand rolled hem

"Gifts of the Promised Land" silk-faille scarf

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